NAIFA Live with Kurtis Kersey

What Do Your Clients Actually Value?
Presented by Kurtis Kersey

A recovering financial advisor, Kurt launched Scaled Up with a simple goal in mind: be different than every coach, consultant or agency he had ever hired. In a world of confusing terms and guess-and-check strategies, Kurt is passionate about leveraging time-tested marketing and sales techniques to help businesses and leaders scale their impact.
Change happens human-to-human and digital is no exception. A leadership and business book junkie, Kurt spends his free time soaking in as many podcasts, books and conversations with other leaders as possible. He is the host of The Grown Man Podcast and spends his time with his wife, Kaci, building into the people and organizations they care about most, including Back2Back Ministries and Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy.

If you were invited to an event and you knew all of your best clients, prospective clients, dream clients and the people who have influence in their lives would be there, would you go? The truth is, that event is happening all day long on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. But just like learning how to mingle at your first networking event, you have to learn how to be comfortable and authentic.
Leveraging time-tested tools and techniques from human-to-human relationships, Kurt will uncover and demystify the social media landscape and provide easy-to-implement, repeatable and scalable strategies to leverage on LinkedIn and beyond. Financial advisors that learn to leverage these tools strategically will build deeper trust in existing relationships and open doors to new relationship much more quickly.

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Jan 06 - 09 2020


8:00 am - 6:00 pm
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