The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future

The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future’s (PAHCF) mission is to improve what’s working and fix what’s broken in health care. We support building on the strength of employer-provided health coverage and preserving Medicare, Medicaid, and other programs that so many Americans depend on, so we can deliver affordability, expand options, improve access, and foster innovation.
Every American deserves access to affordable, quality health coverage, but health care costs are out of control. Let’s focus on bringing costs down for everyone, no matter where they get their insurance. When the free market and public programs work together to bring down the cost of care, we can expand access to high-quality care for every American.
Personal health care decisions should be made by patients and their doctors – not politicians and bureaucrats. Whether it’s called Medicare for all, single payer, or a public option, one-size-fits-all health care will mean all Americans have less choice and control over their doctors, treatments, and coverage. It will mean higher taxes for hardworking families, longer wait times, and lower quality of care for patients.
Let’s work together to improve America’s health care future. We’re committed to solutions that:
▪ Provide access to affordable coverage to every American, no matter where they live or how much they earn
▪ Empower patients with more options and control over their health care decisions
▪ Keep the promise of Medicare for our nation’s seniors
▪ Maintain and strengthen the quality coverage provided through Medicaid
▪ Expand access to high-quality doctors, nurses, and specialists
▪ Build on the strength and stability of the employer-provided health coverage that more than 180 million Americans rely on today
▪ Improve patient